After your membership profile has been published on the site, if changes are required, you may submit edits to directory@artsobispo.org. Changes submitted by the 15th of the month are generally updated on the site by the end of the month, with rare exceptions for extenuating circumstances. If you miss the 15th cutoff date of any given month, your edits will be included in the following month’s updates.

The artists and performers listed as members in the directory have volunteered to provide their information on the site. They are not considered employees or representatives of the SLO County Arts Council. If a dispute arises with any member featured on the site, it must be resolved directly with the member. The SLO County Arts Council will not accept responsibility nor will be held responsible for the content listed by it’s members Including any inaccurate information provided by the artists or performance on the site.

All member media and content submissions for published profiles are subject to review prior to publishing on the site. If a member submission is found to have vulgar, offensive, or inappropriate content, your profile will not be published, and NO REFUND will be issued.

SLO County Arts Council annual memberships fees collected are non refundable. All fee’s collected fund hosting, maintenance and promotion of the membership directory to benefit all members.